Terms & Conditions

All our meals are highly recommended for any individual looking to take that next step towards a healthier lifestyle by maintaining their current healthy weight or by losing a few pounds. Each flavorful meal will bring you one step closer to achieving your goals!

*** all meals are subject to terms & conditions, recurring billing applies unless written notification is sent prior to Wednesday at 3pm via email to cancel or pause account. email: order@macavanutrition.com. 

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our healthy meal service, below are our policies and procedures for some of North New Jersey customers, so that we can provide with the best hassle-free meal plan delivery service.

Individual meals/ A la Carte Options:

New menus are updated every Thursday at midnight, the menu will be available the entire week for you to make your selection with a cut off time (Wednesday 9pm). Once you submit your order selection, you may not make any changes to your order after 24 hours of placing your order (i.e. purchase or allergies). Once your meal plan order has been placed and the 24 hour time frame for changes has elapsed, you will need to wait for the following week’s menu to be updated in order to notify us of any changes by Wednesday at 3pm.  Any late notifications to place your account on hold or cancellations will not go into effect until the following week, as those meals have already been accounted for and cooked.

Delivery Schedule:

Deliveries (Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic) arrive between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm in our specially insulated cooler bags with a large ice pack. To ensure that your meals remain fresh, we recommend refrigerating as soon as possible.
If you live in a gated community, please make sure your guard gate, receptionist/doorman, or security guard is aware that Macava Nutrition, LLC will be delivering to you once a week. Add notes to your order if you require special instructions that would be useful to our drivers, at the ordering check-out. 

Bag Policy:

Our insulated bags and ice packs must be left outside of your door the Sunday morning before deliveries take place. Please be sure to place the bag & ice pack outside the morning before your  delivery, so our drivers can pick them up and swap them out for a new bag and frozen ice pack.
Please note, there is a NON-REFUNDABLE $15.00 charge assessed for unreturned materials within a 10 day period.
If you wish to cancel your deliveries, please inform us via email (order@Macavanutrition.com) and leave any bags/ice packs out for pick up.

Order Issues or Discrepancies:

If you have an issue or discrepancy with your order (i.e. did not receive order, missing/incorrect items, etc.) please contact us the same day of your delivery, so we can resolve the issue in a timely manner. You may contact us via email ( order@MacavaNutrition.com) or Call 1-800-706-9501. If you do not contact us by 8:00 pm on your scheduled delivery date, unfortunately, we will not be able to correct the issue. 

Food Allergies & Food Related Medical Conditions:

If you have any life-threatening food allergies or medical conditions that are food related, we strongly recommend you discontinue service immediately. Macava Nutrition, LLC will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed.

Refund Policy:

All charges are non-refundable. Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions because of the advanced planning necessary for meal production and delivery scheduling. Once your payment has been processed, there are no refunds or credits. As an Macava Nutrition member, you are responsible for providing adequate notice for all account updates including, billing information, account holds, cancellations, or allergies.

Thank you & we hope that you enjoy being an Macava Nutrition member! Call 1-800-706-9501 or email at order@MacavaNutrition.com

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